Many of you have wondered for a Single Sign ON Portal for Logging to all CloudMate Services at once. Our Single Sign ON portal is available on which is currently under BETA and will be Fully Released with V1.0.8(expected) and All User credentials across all Services can be used to log into the Portal and Access all services at once place. Also, a Set of New Features will be implemented which are described below:

  • HostEviL Cloud powered by CloudMate
    1. A new portal development is underway. This Portal is unique and will contain all features users have requested in our feedback.
    2. Users can Provision Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Firewall as a Service and many more Cloud Services with Under 30 Second provisioning time.
    3. We have received many requests for minimizing Invoices count,Gateway Issues. So, here it is: POSTPAID BILLING!
    Postpaid Billing will be implemented in the system with Metric Billing. It means users pay for only the time they use the service. An invoice will be Generated at the end of every month which can be either AutoPaid or Manually Paid.
    4. New Payment Gateways: PayTM(INR Users/Manual Payments), Razorpay(INR/USD Users/Manual Payments), Paypal(INR/USD Users/Manual Payments), Paypal Autopay(INR/USD Users/Auto Payments), Debit/Credit Cards(INR/USD Users/Auto/Manual Payments), Pay Later(INR/USD Users/Auto Payments), UPI AutoPay(INR Users/Auto Payments), Bank Transfer(INR/USD Users/Manual Payments). Other Regional Payment Gateways can also be requested by users before the Launch which will be available for Transactions
    5. The Portal will be Fully Automated, meaning Users will get Auto Provisioned Services within 30 Seconds without Payments and can also make cancellation requests which will be applied as per Mentioned Cancellation date by Users.
    6. Metric Billing refers to Paying for only the time you used our services. If you used a Server for 20 Days, you will be charged for only 20 Days(Not Applicable for Dedicated Servers which refers to Contract Duration being 30/31 Days)
    7. Expected BETA testing date is 01/12/2021. Expected Stable release date is 01/01/2022
  • Multi-Server Synced Shared Hosting
    1. We will be introducing Multi-Server Synced Shared Hosting. That Means You'll have 4 Servers serving the Same Data.
    2. The Servers consists of the following categories: 1 HA(High Availablity) Clustering Management Server (Location:Europe,India,US) , 3 Data Serving Servers(Location:[India, Germany, US],[Singapore, France, US],[Australia, India, Germany], [India(Bangalore), India(Delhi), India(Mumbai)])
    3. Data will be Synced real-time between Servers. This Ensures 100% Uptime, no Loss of Data, Low Latency.
    4. Packages for these Services will be available on All 3 Portals-CloudMate Hosting, HostEvil Cloud, CloudMate Resellers Center.
    5. Expected BETA testing date is 01/02/2022. Expected release date is 01/05/2022
  • CloudMate Resellers Center
    1. Start Selling whitelabelled Services at wholesale prices with your own free Web Portal.
    2. The Following Services can be provisioned: Email Marketing, Business Email, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, VPS Servers, Shared Hosting, Domains, SSL Certificates, SiteLock Services, Reseller Hosting, Website Security.
    3. Expected BETA testing date is 30/02/2022. Expected release date is 01/04/2022
  • Public/Private Key applicable for using SSH Services across hosting services
    1. We have seen a major increase in Bruteforce Attacks and many of them get by compromising User Data Security. Hence, we have mandated use of Private Keys in making SSH requests to the Servers.
    2. Steps for creating a Private Key in already available in our Knowledgebase.
    3. Alternatively, users can also avail Terminal available in cPanel Web Frontend.
    4. This Mandate has been applied on all Shared Hosting servers on 10/10/2021

Sunday, October 10, 2021

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