[ISSUE-#04/PAYMENTS]Updates on Payment Methods and charges

  • 13th June 2022
We have removed gateway charges from all payment methods. Our company has decided that we will bear all charges from payment gateways. Here are the updates on various payment gateways: We have removed Credit/Debit Card/UPI/NetBanking by Razorpay due to its security and compliance policies. In turn, we have added a new payment gateway ...
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[ISSUE-#03/PUBLIC]Our views into war between Russia and Ukraine

  • 12th March 2022
Dear Users, As you may all know, Recent developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have led to many problems on the internet like outages in areas of Ukraine, blocking websites in Russia, and Russia's gradual disconnection from the global internet. In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we have migrated and suspended all our ...
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[ISSUE-#02/NETWORK]DDOS Mitigation on CloudMate Network

  • 17th February 2022
On 2022-02-16 19:15:36 UTC+0, we received a massive DDOS attack on our CloudMate Network. The affected services were Hosting Platform, Home Website, Authentication System, and Storage. We got the following attacks statistics from our Emergency Network Mitigation systems: HOST.CLOUDMATE.IN : 1682Req/secWWW.CLOUDMATE.IN : ...
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[RELEASE/#02]BETA Storage Box program ending on 25/01/2022

  • 19th January 2022


Our BETA program for Storage Box is coming to an end on 25/01/2022 at 00:00 IST. All BETA storage will be auto-upgraded to the BX01 500GB package at 280Rs/Month+Applicable Tax afterward.

If you are planning to discontinue, please move away your data to other locations before 24/01/2022.

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