Organization Validated SSL

Get Organization Validated SSL certificate with best security standards and cheap price
  • InstantSSL (OV)

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    • This security product is ideal for light ecommerce sites interested in boosting their trust quickly and affordably. This certificate will not only encrypt information sent from browsers to your server, but will also increase the trust visitors have in your website. View Full Product Details
  • Sectigo OV SSL

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    • Organization validated SSL encryption that’s perfect for large enterprise networks, internal networks and intranets. Provides industry standard encryption for one site, host name or IP address. View Full Product Details
  • InstantSSL Pro (OV)

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    • This certificate will enable many trust indicators on your website, along with providing strong 256-bit encryption. Once installed, your site will reap the benefits of the padlock icon in the URL bar, "https" in front of the address, and the dynamic Comodo Secure Site Seal. View Full Product Details
  • Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (OV)

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    • With this certificate you can cover up to 100 domains with just one certificate. In addition to SAN support, this certificate offers a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing. This multi-domain certificate is an excellent option for small to medium sized companies that want to make managing and provisioning their domains as simple as possible. View Full Product Details
  • Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain/UCC

    From $130.95/yr
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    • Consolidate certificate management burdens and save money in the process with the Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain/UCC. Capable of encrypting multiple different domains on a single certificate, this certificate works on any server including Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications. View Full Product Details
  • InstantSSL Premium (OV)

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    • Provides full assurance to your customers beyond encryption by adding trust to your business. This Organization Validated (OV) certificate offers 256-bit encryption along with the recognized Comodo Site Seal. Your customers will know that their information is safe and sound. View Full Product Details
  • InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)

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    • This certificate offers the dynamic Comodo site seal. You will also be able to secure one domain and all subdomains. This wildcard certificate is an excellent option for medium-sized companies and ecommerce sites that wish to bolster the trust their users will have with them. View Full Product Details
  • Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL

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    • The most identity you can assert with a Wildcard product. Showcase your organization’s identity on a single domain and all its sub-domains. Perfect for large enterprise environments and internal networks. View Full Product Details
  • Elite SSL (OV)

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    • Ensure the ultimate amount of protection out of all Organization Validated (OV) certificates. With features such as securing both www and non-www, 256-bit encryption, Free HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scan, the Comodo Site Seal, and 99% recognition of browsers, your visitors will rest assured knowing their information is being transmitted securely. View Full Product Details
  • Comodo OV Unified Communications Wildcard

    From $372.16/yr
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    • Designed with Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications in mind, this Organization Validated (OV) certificate provides support not only for multiple domains, but also unlimited subdomains. This certificate is the perfect wildcard solution for companies with multiple sites. View Full Product Details
  • Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard (OV)

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    • By far the most flexible certificate in the industry, protect not only multiple domains, but also unlimited subdomains on the domains with this Organization Validated (OV).Other features include 1 year of CI scanning, 1 year of website vulnerability scanning, and a 99.9% browser recognition rate. View Full Product Details
  • Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard

    From $372.16/yr
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    • The most versatile SSL/TLS certificate in the Sectigo collection. Assert organizational identity on multiple domains and all of their accompanying sub-domains with the Sectigo OV SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard. View Full Product Details
  • DigiCert Secure Site OV (FLEX)

    From $439.98/yr
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    • This industry staple OV certificate, now powered by DigiCert, is a comprehensive security solution equipped with a $1.75M warranty, instant issuance, CertCentral®, and the Norton™ Seal. View Full Product Details
  • Secure Site Pro SSL (FLEX)

    From $1097.19/yr
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    • This premium OV SSL is now powered by DigiCert. It’s an all-in-one, advanced security solution that boasts quantum-proof encryption, business authentication, malware & vuln. scanning, CT log monitoring, instant issuance, CertCentral®, a $2M warranty, the Norton™ Seal and is SAN-enabled up to 250 domains. View Full Product Details
  • Thawte SSL Web Server (Flex)

    From $114.41/yr
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    • These organization validated certificates allow your customers to see that your business was verified by one of the most trusted names in internet security. This certificate is recommended to medium sized ecommerce sites and comes with a dynamic site seal. View Full Product Details
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID (FLEX)

    From $113.03/yr
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    • This certificate delivers 99% browser and server recognition while securing transactions on your website. This budget-friendly organization validated certificate is great for small- to medium-sized businesses interested in going beyond standard encryption and beefing up their customer trust. View Full Product Details