[ISSUE-#01/PUBLIC(INDIA-ONLY)]Problem with CloudFlare CDN/Reverse proxy peering

  • 9th January 2022
Many of CloudFlare DNS users might have seen a message on your site like this: The website has been blocked as per order of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under IT Act, 2000. This problem does not refer to any censorship related to Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and IT Act,2000 in India. For the last ...
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[v1.5.1-23/12/2021]Whatsapp Alerts, coupons and many more updates

  • 23rd December 2021
Hello Everyone With the CLM-v1.5.1 update, we bring WhatsApp alerts, CloudMate SSO Login BETA, and much more. You can now get updates about the following things through WhatsApp Alerts: Login Alerts Password Changed Notification Quote PDF, Status, and Updates Invoice PDF, Status, and Updates Service notifications Ticket status New ...
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[CVE-2021-44228]Apache Log4j vulnerablity affects cPanel/WHM

  • 14th December 2021
Our team has investigated CVE-2021-44228, a critical vulnerability that’s affecting a Java logging package log4j which is used in a significant amount of software, including Apache, Apple iCloud, Steam, Minecraft, and others for the logging errors. At this point, we have not identified an impact on the CloudMate Hosting Platform, but our ...
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New Features to be added to CloudMate Softwares Unified Portal

  • 10th October 2021
Many of you have wondered for a Single Sign ON Portal for Logging to all CloudMate Services at once. Our Single Sign ON portal is available on which is currently under BETA and will be Fully Released with V1.0.8(expected) and All User credentials across all Services can be used to log into the Portal and Access all ...
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