My Site shows "Not Secure" but SSL is already issued in cPanel. What should I do? Print

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SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer protocol, helps protect information that is exchanged between a server and a client. If your browser says that your site is still insecure, there may have been a problem.


  • Go to your Site using HTTPS( ) and check if Site is Showing Secure Icon. If Site is Showing Secure Icon, Then You need to Go to cPanel> Domains in Order to Enable Traffic Forwarding from HTTP to HTTPS so that all Data is encrypted. Click on Force HTTPS Redirect Option against the Domain you wish to enable it for.

If Your Domain/Subdomain/Addon Domain is not shown in Domains Overview, Click on Settings icon in the right and Click Show Associated Domains. All Domains Linked to your Accounts will be visible.

  • If Your Site Shows SSL Expired Error, Check The Date of Issue and Expiry Date of the SSL Certificate. If the SSL Certificate is Expired, Go to AutoSSL or LetsEncypt SSL and Issue a New SSL Certificate for your Domain.
  • Click on the Not Secure Icon and Check whats written with Certificate. If its Written Certificate(Valid) and it still shows Not Secure Icon, Then Your Website is loading a Content outside your Secured Domain from a Different unsecure Domain. You can check the Unsecure Content by Going to Browser Developer Tools and Checking Sources Section.
  • If Your Problem is still not resolved, Please Create a Ticket with us and We'll Check and Resolve the Same.

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