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CloudMate Softwares make Compressed Backups using Jetbackup with Cron running Every Sunday at 02:00AM IST. We use Cloud Backup Services remote from the Datacenter so that all Data remains Safe. Also, We use Private Connection(Unaccessible from the Internet) and SFTP and in order to securely Backup the Data. All Backup Locations have sha-256 Data Encryption with Database and 2FA in order to make the data totally secure.

Does CloudMate allows downloading the Backup?

We do allow Download of Backups from Jetbackup Full Account Backups and Snapshots.

Does CloudMate allows restore of Backups?

CloudMate does allow restore of Backups but it is not possible from the cPanel Account. To Restore an Account from a Backup, The Following Charges will be Applicable:

User Account:

  • 200Rs + GST 18% for Indian Consumers
  • 3$ for Out of India Consumers

Reseller Account:

  • 500Rs + GST 18% for Reseller Account(Indian Consumers)
  • 7.14$ for Reseller Account(Outside India)
  • 100Rs + GST 18% for End-Client(Indian Consumers)
  • 1.50$ for End-Client(Outside India)

A CloudMate Support staff will be assigned for making a Restore Point from Backups.

Can we make on Demand Backups?

You can make On Demand Backups using Jetbackup > Snapshots which can also be downloaded free of Cost.

Can We Move Away from your Servers using these Backups?

We are not sure if your Next Provider supports Jetbackup Backups. However, We already enable JAILSHELL SSH on all Servers which can be used to make backups. We do not Charge Users for Migrations.

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