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Hello User,

You Might be Wondering what is the average time for delivery of services that you will/have ordered. CloudMate Softwares(Hosting Portal) uses automatic provisioning for provisioning of services. Here is the list of products under Automatic Provisioning and average time for Delivery:


Average Automatic Provisioning Time

Assured Provisioning Time
Domains 30 Seconds 30 Minutes
Shared Hosting 120 Seconds 1 Hour
Reseller Hosting 120 Seconds 1 Hour
Virtual Private Servers 120 Seconds 4 Hours
Cloud Servers 180 Seconds 300 Seconds
Dedicated Servers 300 Seconds 8 Hour
Management Services N/A 5 Minutes
SSL Certificates DV 300 Seconds 10 Minutes
SSL Certificates OV N/A 2 Days
SSL Certificates EV N/A 5 Days
SSL Certificates Wildcard 300 Seconds 10 Minutes
  1. My Product/Service was not provisioned within Automatic Provisioning time?

The Following may be the cases:

1.In some cases like usage of VPN, High Risk Country, Our Verification Partner Fraudlabs blocks the order for Manual Verification.

2. In Case of automatic Provisioning has failed due to unknown reason, the system will retry for delivery within next 5min.

3. In Case Servers are out of stock in the DC.

The Time given is average time provide which in some case go up/down. So We request you to wait.

     2. My Product/Service was not provisioned within Assured Provisioning time?

If your Product/Service was still not delivered to you, It would be better to Create a Ticket so that our Team can prioritise your Delivery. If your Product/Service included any Emergency Services, You would have already been contacted within 10min of Placing the order but due to no response, the Service was left to Pending.

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