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Many times users are dissatisfied with the resolution provided by a support executive. This article shows the Level of Support and how can a customer escalate his complaint:

  1. Whatsapp Support, Ticket Support, Phone Support: Standard and first level of support. There is an Assured response time given to each of these branches to respond to a user mentioned in this Article.
  2. Email Support: Second Level of Support. This branch is dedicated for all CloudMate services rather than just hosting. If you want to escalate a support ticket, Just write to the Email Support with the Ticket Number or Screenshot of the Whatsapp Chat.
  3. Abuse Department: Third Level of Support which deals in Abuse cases for both internal complaints and external abuse reports. If you want to Escalate a support ticket or Complain for delay in response/wrongful replies/abuse matters, You can write to the Department at abuse@cloudmate.in
  4. CloudMate Administrator: Still not Satisfied with response from all these departments, bring the matters to the main authority. Fourth and final level of support. You can write to CloudMate Administration at admin@cloudmate.in

Having Difficulties in accessing any Webpages, seen any broken pages? Report it to us at either first level of support or webmaster@cloudmate.in

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